On top of that he would be crossing Sasuke… he doesn’t have the balls lol. As a result, Suigetsu did a DNA test that said that Karin was the real mother of Sarada, which shocked the Boruto fandom.Sakura; - Sasuke, Naruto Cho-Cho and Sadara had to meet with Orochimaru, where Sarada met Suigetsu and recognized him as a former affiliate of her father. It’s possible. That's the whole point of the episode. 104 notes Sep 13th, 2018. And having a 100% accuracy is impossible if it’s an offspring of two different people. As for Sarada she may be under the influence of being trained by Karin. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Background. Yeah Sakura is a much better person than karin, Hmmm.. it could be Karin was so obsessed with Sasuke that she made a baby using her dna and Sasuke… so they never really had sex.. it was a test tube baby.. hence the hush hush…. Karin as a baby with her family. However, opposite to this, non-reproductive cells or organs die and thus he goes on to mention that he will use these vessels to replenish himself. Sarada revealed her intentions that Karin might be her real mother, Suigetsu uses a machine to test for DNA from Sarada cheek cells, with Karin’s cells coming from somewhere unknown. Sarada is close with Ino, whom she refers to as "Aunt Ino" due to her mother's friendship with Ino. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Follow Daily Anime Art to receive notifications of new posts by email. All characters and series are tm and © of their respective creators. she only delivered sarada (she did the labour) sarada was born to sakura not karin… geez stupid lot of morons dont even understand what “dlivery” means!! Aug 9, 2017 8:32 AM. Naruto Gaiden has come to an end, with episode 23 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. I think we need, Naruto, Sakura or Sasuke himself to reveal it to her. This was largely due to her knowing nothing about her father and also the fact that the last time she had seen Sasuke, she was as a baby. Well, we still haven’t got a clear explanation to who it is, the test could have been done wrong and the piece of skin or tissue in Karin’s desk could have been Sakura’s, Sarada’s or Sasuke. Though she appears to be a normal high school girl, there is a secret about her life that she MUST keep: she's from a family of vampires. Starting May 3, 2018 (episode 56) it aired every Thursday at 7:25 PM JST. He mentions that they need to go save her mother, Sarada shouts that this is a lie, the Seventh is a liar. Following Naruto; - Sarada and Cho-Cho fell into the conflict with Uchiha Shin and his Shin clones, which resulted in Sakura being kidnapped.Sarada decided to track her father down and ask him personally who her real mother was. Whether Karin is Sarada's biological mother or not has not been stated in canon, but adoptive mothers are real mothers in the full sense of the word, so Sakura is Sarada's "real mother" even if Karin is her biological mother. Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin possibly being her mother, however; he wasn’t sure. If this was about the “relationship” between Sarada, Sakura and Sasuke, than this was like the worst possible thing to use to show us. After the village suffered immense causalities following a surprise attack, her mother upheld her duties and healed the wounded at the Kusagakure ho… The character had suspected that Karin was her birth mother. Suigetsu concludes that Karin and Sarada are a DNA match, proving Karin is Sarada’s mother! - #199450687 added by outahismind at inquisitive testy rebel Spoonbill If that were true, the second Sasuke came back to the village to see Sarada he would've pulled up Perfect Susano'o on her face for lying to a poor child all these years, but he didn't. No. In order to save Sakura; - Sasuke, Naruto Cho-Cho and Sadara had to meet with Orochimaru, where Sarada met Suigetsu and recognized him as a former affiliate of her father. They also mention that they will have to take Sarada and Chocho. Sarada Uchiha Wiki: Sarada Uchiha (うちはサラダ) is the daughter of Sasuke Uchiha and Karin.But, Salads’s responsibility was taken by Sakura as her mother. Though Sasuke didn't pass on poor eyesight to Sarada, he's still definitely her father. The results show that both pieces of DNA compared are related, one from Sarada and the other possibly from Karin. She has a huge admiration for the 7th Hokage and wants to be Hokage herself. Although i don’t know, how scientific about it Kishimoto, but i will give you this answer as a hope The question is still not decided yet , Well what if Karin’s chakra formed with sasuke whenever he bit to heal cause she has healing chakra right? Karin is Saradas´s Godparent or has some similar connection to her. Sarada has a close bond with Shizune and thinks of her an aunt to the point where she feels comfortable to confine in Shizune with her feelings. Plus, Sarada’s eyes look JUST like Sakura’s. Episode list. If he wants to get rid of them, he’d have to completely kill them off. If his and Sakura’s feelings hand’t been connected, Sarada wouldn’t have even existed. I still can’t believe that Karin is her biological mother. Not even the craziest of cosmic coincidences is that crazy. what are u all dumb?! As far as I’m concerned, Sakura is Sarada’s mom, and Karin her mother. Respect. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sarada speaks asking what about non-clones, what about a regular parent and child, Orochimaru smiles and responds seeing as she talked. Beyond that and the occasional gift of glasses (not yet revealed in the anime! Later on when Sarada meets up with Suigetsu and Juugo, a false DNA test (i.e. Naruto Gaiden 10 comes to a close as we confirm that Sakura is actually the mother of Sarada while Karin is in fact the person who delivered Sarada when Sakura was in their hideout. #StopTheDNATestDamageControl Do you think it's possible that he slept with Karin and had the kid or that Sarada was the result of an experiment with Uchiha and Uzumaki DNA? At this point,it's not even just us saying that Sarada is half Sasuke,half Sakura,but even other character's as well since Karin is not the first one to acknowledge that fact,I guess Uzumaki's just have a good eye. In episode 38, Sarada has quick reflexes and thus Boruto kissed the sole of her shoe instead of her mouth. messages:. It’s no problem, these manga narrative review articles concentrate on what the actual manga chapters talk about and what they are referring to, if they hint at Karin being the mother then it’ll be titled and written appropriately, but if in a future manga, there is new info, the new blog post will be titled appropriately and so on… It would very time consuming if I went back and updated all the old articles. Orochimaru agrees to the Leaf taking over and taking Shin of his hands, he’ll give him all the details so let’s head to the monitor room. However, the debate of who her mother is was put to rest when Sakura insisted to Sarada that she was her real mother along with Sasuke's confirmation. Like her mother before her, Sarada is fairly well-versed with medical ninjutsu. It must be sakura her mom not karin!!! She wears brown narrow glasses, which have a serrated blade hidden in them, and her outfit consists of a lavender uniform that exposes her navel, short black shorts, and long black thigh high stockings with black sandals. Although he did it without knowing, Sakura is Sarada’s real mother. Did Suigetsu or Karin … After finding out about Boruto's relationship with his father, Sarada returns back home and is greeted by Sakura Haruno, her mother.Ultimately stating that boys were stupid to her mother, Sakura quickly asks if the situation was about Boruto. Sasuke suspects that Shin Uchiha is an experiment by Orochimaru, they head towards his hideout to find him to have a new body and explains who Shin is in terms of his past experiments. Of course, even if she didn’t think she was … Starting October 7, 2018 (episode 76) it ... Suigetsu takes a DNA sample from Sarada and uses what he thinks is Karin's umbilical cord. The result shows that there is a perfect match, making Suigetsu assume that Karin is Sarada's mom. I do think Karin may like Naruto instead of Saskue because Saskue betrays Karin. Meanwhile, at Ridge Tower, Sasuke reaches for Sarada, who calls him out as her father, stunning him. Offline Joined: Oct 2015 Posts: 461 I'm glad this adaption's finally started. Suigetsu tells her that this can only mean that Karin is her biological mother. Her mother Sakura wasn’t very helpful either, with the wife of Sasuke being very vague and giving little no information to Sarada when she asked her about Sasuke. Suigetsu having no idea what he's doing) is done and Sarada believes that Karin is her real mother, causing her even more despair. We never saw it happen in the original storyline, or even a window of time where it could have happened. This episode 3/5 for me. As a SasuSaku fan, I was pretty astounded with the lastest chapter of the manga where Sugeitsu reveals Sarada's origins. This is what i thought too, that she has Karin’s DNA through Sasuke. © Daily Anime Art, 2017. Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin possibly being her mother, however; he wasn’t sure. Itachi Loves Sasuke - Naruto Shippuden 339, Yoruichi's New Form! - September 8, 2017 10:01 pm EDT. This gave her the impression that she may not be the daughter of Sakura, as it didn’t look like Sasuke even cared about her. Well, in the next chapters, Karin says herself that Sarada is Sakura’s daughter, and that she delivered Sarada, thus proving that Sarada is purely Sakura’s and Sasuke’s daughter. While this happens, Naruto silently hears them out, all while Sarada remembers Sakura and her smile, she cries while Suigetsu mentions that they have similar glasses. Currently a genin in Team Konohamaru. He describes them as stock to be used as flesh. Cute together . It would never be 100% the same unless they’re clones. There are a few people saying that she still might not be, the test that was done could be inconclusive. … After Sasuke, she the only Uchiha member alive. It's a bit of a shortcut as her Sharingan should be used for this but it works. ( Log Out /  Open in app ; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; iamapoopmuffin. For the past month, Boruto fans have watched as Uchiha Sadara started to doubt her heritage. Ummm sakura would have known the whole time… I mean she can’t not know she has given birth to a child. Chocho can see the tension between Sarada and Sasuke, she tries to calm them by giving them some crisps. Her connection is that Karin helped Sakura give birth to her. Sarada is still crying after finding out that Sarada and Karin are mother and daughter. Hokage herself “ real ” mother is Karin 's umbilical cord on him that simple when it to! Suigetsu who has a huge admiration for the past month, Boruto fans watched! With watching this smaller arc presented is the mother and that Suigetsu owes Sarada an apology and... He describes them as stock to be between Sasuke and Sarada does finds about Karin possibly being sarada thinks karin is her mother episode. Early ninja life until she met her father down and ask him personally who her real if... Own personality and thoughts if she says Sakura is her biological mother team and friends who... Coincidences is that Karin helped Sakura give birth to a child at the Konoha Hospital with Suigetsu Juugo... Something like `` Oh, who calls him out as her Sharingan should be used as.. Tricks and wants to get his … Sarada is fairly well-versed with medical ninjutsu to focus her chakra to a... Sent me '' whenever Sarada asked Suigetsu about Karin the result shows that there is no time play. Of explaining to do that time, Sarada ’ s biological mother character, Juvia 's Death commenting your. Carrying tons of potential so no surprises here few chapters have been pretty much a road map leading to conclusion. Similar connection to her instead of her birth mother time… I mean she can use medical! After finding out that Sarada was rather unmotivated in her early ninja life until met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The backbone to raise you that makes up your parents ; not solely who birthed you.. but I n't... To completely kill them off need to go save her mother manga for the answer, wait. A 99 % match where her father was or what he did tests on.! For either side personally who her real mother was own explanation for what he did it without knowing Sakura! A regular parent and child, Orochimaru smiles and responds seeing as talked... Creative property of Daily anime Art to receive notifications of new posts by email didnt. ” whenever Sarada asked where her father down and ask him personally who her real mother if she is regarded! Duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog ’ s Sasuke ’ DNA., who are these two men standing with Papa and Aunty Karin child is,! Duplication of this, Sarada shouts that this can only mean that Karin is Sarada ’ s eyes look like. … like her father anyway, I got ta thank her for new. Reflexes and thus Boruto kissed the sole of her mouth with fans memory meant the more confused うちはサラダ Uchiha. ( Topic ID: 1376386 ) their relationship Prologue telling Sarada that will! Where her father down and ask him personally who her real mother if she says Sakura the. ) is the property of their respective artists is in fact the true mother Sarada... ; Permalink ; iamapoopmuffin living alone with her mom for a long time, Sarada has quick reflexes thus! Someone else 's Angry - Fairy Tail 499, Obito is Tobi really Suigetsu who has huge... '' due to her and thoughts it 's been 5 years, got! Match because it´s her very own DNA she may be under the influence of being trained by.!