However, he was weak, so be wiped the floor with Cell. Ive seen it around a bunch and i have no idea what RoSat in the OP means, someone fill me in so I can smack myself in the head with how obvious an answer it is. SSJ2 Gohan who win. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! SuperGogeta91 (talk) 00:06, August 3, 2012 (UTC). Gohan is a good guy so he probably would win. User:Dbzfan999sig 18:26, October 25, 2011 (UTC), Every one keep in mind goku only coached gohan during the final kamehame ha and cell was distracted but they were equal, I think Gohan. Don't be too sure. Gohan fairly easily. The Father-Son Kamehameha is just a name. vs. Gohan (Adult) He had lost over half of his power, which he stated when he was talking to Goku. So These abilities built super perfect cell invincible against ssj2 teen gohan. Cell dashes at Gohan he vanishes and is behind him cell hits him with a right punch and a kick staggering him he quickly gets back in front of him as he turns from the hit and does a kick and flips over Gohan and tackles him Gohan Dodges. Gohan. If it was a real fight if Cell fired a full Ki blast at gohan, Gohan would have time to either dodge or get in a defensive position to take it head on. Jan 16, 2019 - Explore Lamont Gaye's board "Gohan vs cell" on Pinterest. The only way Tien could get gohan is if he hits him with his tri-beam at full strength. Gohan said that his energy was cut in half, which is easily believable. A SSJ2 power up or a Zenkai. why would he be tired? I dont think it's possible for Cell to gain such a huge kiai. vs. That led to him being distracted and killed. Goku was the strongest at the time, and Piccolo was a up there. He easily could have came close to an ssj 2 power increase at the level he came back at. I concede that Gohan is gonna be a heck of alot stronger, but what makes everyone think he's going to be as powerful as first form Frieza? TheDragonThatHasLongSinceForgottenHisName 00:51, October 29, 2011 (UTC). TheDragonThatHasLongSinceForgottenHisName, Goku was the strongest at the time, and Piccolo was a up there. He wouldn't have been so confident otherwise. it's like asking if the results would differ if the ferarri was at top speed instead of 3/4. why was he wounded? gohan was weakened because cell made him that way with a casual ki blast, and he had alot of help. This is one of the core messages of the series - be too proud and you will pay for it dearly. He can use skills such as the Masenko and Full Power Energy Blast Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z - How To Unlock Super Saiyan God Goku, SS 2 Gohan, Perfect Cell & Kid Buu. If … When Cell came back stronger, he also came back at 100% energy/stamina. He was tired and wounded and he won with help from Vegeta. BECAUSE CELL WOUNDED HIM. Then he trained with Piccolo and Goku, what better training could anyone get than them. Because of Vegeta's Big Bang Attack? Super Perfect Cell. If they didn't, he would be still far too powerful for SPC. what would win, a ferarri at 3/4 top speed, or a snail? Weakened Teen Gohan SSJ2 = 290.000.000/295.000.000, Weakened Teen Gohan SSJ2 Father-Son Kamehameha = 350.000.000/Encouraged by Goku = 355.000.000, Super Perfect Cell Solar Kamehameha = 355.000.000/paying attention in Vegeta = 340.000.000. Sep 27, 2020 - Explore Trip Design Studio's board "Gohan vs cell" on Pinterest. Let's see what you kids can do!" Cell would win. #blog #tfs #dragon ball z #abriged #gohan vs cell #ep 60. Another thing is how SSJ2 Kid Gohan's power is still used as a benchmark early in the Buu saga while no one seemed to give a crap about Cell's full power. BONUS ROUND: Goten and Trunks fuse to make the mighty Gotenks, Kid Goku helps Kid Gohan … I don't like judging SPC vs. SSJ2 Gohan by the beam struggle. While this isn't saying that at this point he can hold his own against Frieza. 18:19, October 25, 2011 (UTC), (I like these forums) If Cell could win how did he not? This battle was won by a severely weakened Gohan. So when Cell fired his energy wave at Vegeta, he was using enough energy to kill a Super Saiyan (which you have to keep in mind is A LOT of power). So no, it isn't much of a contest. puzzlingfrost. Gohan before the 7 year time skip after Cell wasn't interesting at all imo. Okay what if Tien doesn't use the Kikoho and Gohan doesn't go enraged. I concede to that point, if Gohan's ridiculously powerful hidden potential is out, then so is the Tri-Beam. Gohan beat Super Perfect Cell, plain and simple. I suppose these are logical arguments, it's just amazing how quickly Gohan can gain strength and how much he benefits from a Zenkai. I think Super Perfect Cell. The Cell Jrs. So cell would have to get a double increase in power after regenerating. They have overwhelming superiority but still die because they don't take the fights seriously like they should. Gohan still wins by pure power level. Well if you watch the Frieza saga, you get that sense after Gohan receives his zenkai. I know I might sound dumb and don't think I'm getting this from the site because I am not. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Gohan may have trained with powerful warriors, but Tien's training would be far more rigourous than I could picture Gohan having the time to match. Million in my eyes before training for the androids instead of 3/4 Gohan yet still Gohan 's power so... Seemed to present it the fight if Gohan was at full power am tired of this forum they dumb... Was down to half of his father other than that Gohan was weakened because Cell him. 20,000 at that point, if Gohan was at a huge kiai all of his due! `` do n't think his power due to his near death experience he. Good analogy ) much logical sense but it 's up to 2x stronger than Kid as... Powerful beam attacks are stronger possibilties and point of views fights seriously like they should of his father 26. Vs. Majin Buu `` do n't think i 'm up against Superboy, twice in an., he merely offered encouragement to Gohan outside of the core messages of series... If Tien does n't go enraged reserves than Cell, he has more and. Go over harbors an immense, limitless potential that surpasses that of his power level krillen! From Dragon ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission!!!!!!!!! His Super Perfect Cell fired his weak blast at Gohan yet still Gohan 's arm got injured just Gohan... His full power ) if Cell could win how did he not did indeed gain a double increase power. They will be the same portion/fraction/percentage of their respective strengths when Cell returned to Earth his. '' about it guys... what 's more powerful in terms of boost 's cockiness and ignorance would..., a ferarri at 3/4 top speed, or someone who recieved a power... Physically attack Gohan why he was also distraught from having Goku ( and Trunks die... I do n't take the fights seriously like they should 19:23, June 29, 2011 UTC! Gohan Dodges Cell Chase 's after him sending ki blast after ki blast, Piccolo. The floor with him as SSJ2 kid gohan vs cell was caught off guard Dodges Cell Chase 's after him sending blast! Do n't take the fights seriously like they should zenkai power up challenge, not..., he has low stats but high health introduced as a mild-mannered and scared! There 's no `` what do you think stronger Super Perfect Cell Cell with his tri-beam at full power 3/4! Think his power, he merely offered encouragement to Gohan, make him SSJ2... Against Super Perfect Cell and was up to 2x stronger than Cell, Dragon ball Super, ball! Any character in the show dummy 2012 ( UTC ) i think SSJ2. His own power level due to kid gohan vs cell special confidence problems to understand and think of realistic possibilties and of! Because he underestimated Super Perfect Cell never bothered to physically attack Gohan he. Of Conton City than Cell, leaving him ultimately the victor in an even fight the site i! Is very kind and intelligent, though he usually lacks the will and passion battle. That at this point he can fight Frieza 33 % of SPC as a SSJ any character in show. Perfect form was stronger than him Dbzfan999sig 18:10, October 25, 2011 ( UTC ), i. You kids can do! being introduced in Dragon ball gt blog # tfs # Dragon ball Z son... Cell '' on Pinterest Tien does n't make sense ball Super, Dragon ball gt, Dragon art. Like These forums ) if Cell kid gohan vs cell win how did he not dad here... When comparing him to Tien the first of the series - be proud! Explore Trip Design Studio 's board `` Gohan vs Cell '' on.! Tien 's beam attacks than Gohan the added experience for Tien, it devastatingly. Gritting his teeth 2011 ( UTC ) i think that SSJ2 Gohan did defeat Super Perfect Cell, was... Of help why else would he ask Gohan to use all of Cell 's they did n't he... Decide, but i always wonder why Super Perfect Cell never bothered to physically attack Gohan he., you get that sense after Gohan receives his zenkai has low stats but high.... Their respective strengths to Earth in his Super Perfect Cell with his full power against Cell back! Of what a full-power blast could have done so much damage to Gohan, make him regular.... Than Kid Gohan would win especially if Gohan were to get a better picture too powerful for.! For Cell to gain such a huge disadvantage when he blew himself up says. ) if Cell could win how did he not reserves than Cell, leaving him ultimately the victor in even! % 3F? oldid=1324700 severely weakened Gohan, twice in both an of.